Briefs: Burlesque with Balls

In 2010, Briefs transitioned from the late night performance club to a complete performance ensemble when the company was engaged to create its first ‘official’ full-length work. This all-male ragtag team of skilful buccaneers contort vaudeville, circus, boylesque, dance and clowning, in an evening of wicked humour, absurdity and blatant displays of flesh.


Since then, Briefs have swaggered, shimmied, swished and swung all over the World, selling out in London, Berlin, Paris, Auckland, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.


"This parody of masculinity in performance has the power to unhinge the norm, dismantle the hegemony and remove the shades that we cast over normative gender expression" — The Au Review


"Old school vaudeville at its best. This is a must see. Go" — This is Cabaret


"Amazing physical talent" — ★★★★ Irish Times

"Highly entertaining" — ★★★★ Time Out


“Best Circus” — Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2010

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